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KAYJAY Virtual Bootcamp

Saturday, November 6th 10:30am-2:30pm ET

Your financial destiny is waiting. Don’t hesitate any longer to embark on your real estate journey, spend 4 hours virtually with KAYJAY LIVE, in a supportive environment of total real estate immersion! At KAYJAY’s Virtual Bootcamp, you will become a more self-aware real estate investor and learn a step by step roadmap to increasing your net worth and income, and eventually attaining financial freedom. Find your inner investor and ignite your real estate passion to achieve the ultimate vision of your life and finances. You will walk away from this course with a better understanding of  what truly motivates you to get into real estate investing and chase financial freedom.



In order to do something you have never done before, you have to become someone you have never been.


Get a clear and focused understanding of key real estate terms, best practices and exposure to real life case studies. 


Learn how to use our simple step by step approach to analyze markets and deals, best practices, coupled with your new mindset to pull you towards the life you desire.  

How will this bootcamp transform you?

After taking this course you will be able to:

  • Rely your newfound investor mindset to snap out of analysis paralysis and take action!
  • Analyze different real estate markets and choose a market is best for your goals!
  • Build your own real estate investment team that will work for you, even while you sleep!
  • Filter out all the unnecessary details and FOCUS on the simple metrics to analyze properties!
  • Create a cash flowing real estate portfolio that will increase your income and wealth!

We've packaged over 20 years of investing experience in this course!

  • KAYJAY has over 20 years of combined investment experience in real estate and on Wall Street.
  • Together, we have built a real estate portfolio of over 100 rental units from scratch.
  • We have taken the absolute best practices and topics we have learned over the years and packaged it into this 4 hour bootcamp to give you a detailed roadmap to earning 5 figures a month from passive real estate investments

Are you the right fit for this bootcamp?

You should attend this course if you fit the following description:

  • Have an interest in real estate and creating a stream of passive income
  • Are a motivated individual who is eager to learn
  • You want to take more vacations, spend more time with loved ones, and have more time to do whatever you want
  • Are ready to take massive action now and create generational wealth and build a legacy

You have the potential, and we have the resources... all that's missing is your decision to go for it!


Attendance will make you eligible for KAYJAY's Essentials of Analysis for Apartment Complexes

Launching in 2021

KAYJAY Virtual Bootcamp Ticket

$449 $349

  • Develop your real estate investor mindset
  • Avoid expensive real estate investing mistakes
  • Choose a market and build your team
  • Analyze real deals with KAYJAY
  • Gain the confidence to take the next step!

KAYJAY Virtual Bootcamp