Grow Your Rental Property Portfolio with These Tools!

The KAYJAY Bundle gives you over $500 of value from our 20 years of real estate experience for just $149!

The KAYJAY Bundle includes 4 Value packed items:

  1. KAYJAY Rental Property Investor eBook (30 pages, $250 value). Includes:

    • Part 1: Real Estate 101 > Our favorite strategies for building wealth through rental property investing + key ratios and formulas you need to be a successful investor!

    • Part 2: Key Real Estate Terms > Learn the language of the real estate game!

    • Part 3: Building Your Team > We give you a script to introduce yourself as a real estate investor and key questions to ask potential team members!

    • Part 4: Credit & Financing > Learn how to build your credit and get the financing you need to acquire properties! Includes steps to create an LLC and a list of banks that provide business funding 

    • Part 5: Tools for Managing Your Rental Properties > We share the key apps we use to manage our properties!

    • Part 6: Key Real Estate Resources > The most important real estate websites you need to grow and run your investment portfolio!

  2. KAYJAY Deal Analyzer Spreadsheet ($175 value)

    • Analyze rental property deals fast! This is the exact calculator we use to analyze multiple deals every day. Punch in a few numbers to get total rental income, operating expenses, net operating income, cash flow, and cash on cash returns displayed on a single tab so you don’t have to scroll! The faster you run the numbers, to faster you can put in an offer on your next property!
  3. KAYJAY NACA-nomics Manual (8 pages, $75 value)
    • We lay out the NACA process step-by-step so you can purchase your first home with none of your own money!
  4. 23 Lesson's KAYR Learned to Become a Multi-Millionaire eBook ($75 value)

    • Learn the most important lessons that I used to become a multi-millionaire!
  5. KAYJAY Time Tracker Spreadsheet ($25 value)

    • Use this spreadsheet to see where you are wasting time so that you can focus on what's important in life, including using your spare time to build your financial independence!

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