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KAYR (pronounced KAY-R),


KAYR (pronounced KAY-R), co-founder of KAYJAY Consulting, is a stellar example of a young professional who has benefited from working on Wall Street and building a multi-million dollar real estate investment company with currently over 150 rental units from scratch. For as long as he could remember, KAYR, a Philadelphia native, wanted to go to college, but being the first to go among parents, siblings and friends meant that he had many obstacles to overcome.

KAYR is a real estate investor who has assembled a team of professionals to assist across the initial identification, acquisition and ongoing management of target properties. In addition, he is a licensed real estate sales person, a member of the Homeowners Associations of Philadelphia (HAPCO), an engaging transformational speaker, life coach and business consultant. He held positions at Goldman Sachs, Sirios Capital Management, Raptor Capital Management, and Truist Securities.

He is a board member of Philadelphia Young Playwrights, Aucocisco School, The Great Young Society II Organization, and the Grove Collective Foundation. 

He was also nominated for the 40 under 40 Leadership Awards Program in Philadelphia, and has been featured on MarketWatch FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early), and KBS (Korean Broadcasting System). KAYR’s life-story was featured in a chapter in the new book “Black in White Space: The Enduring Impact of Color in Everyday Life,” written by Elijah Anderson, the Sterling Professor of Sociology and of African American Studies at Yale University.

KAYR has a bachelor’s degree in history from Bowdoin College and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.


Jodie, co-founder of KAYJAY Consulting,


is a Real Estate entrepreneur, with hands on experience as an investor, capital raiser, and coach. Beginning with baseball cards at age 6, Jodie has been a lifetime investor, using his high school job at a hardware store to fund his first brokerage account at age 14. After almost a decade of working on Wall Street, Jodie began investing in real estate in 2018 when he realized that he wanted to achieve financial and personal freedom. Through the rethinking of his core goals, Jodie worked intensively under the mentorship of KAYJAY co-founder KAYR, Jodie went from zero to 60 units in under 2 years while investing in multiple cities.

Jodie is extremely interested in self-development, and helping others reach their full potential through looking within themselves to find their innate worth and gifts.

Jodie is licensed in real estate sales, and a member of the Homeowners Association of Philadelphia (HAPCO). Jodie has built a team of professionals to assist across the initial identification, acquisition and ongoing management of target properties. Currently, he works at Truist Securities and has held positions at Bernstein’s Home Center, and BBVA.

He is also a board member of the Job Opportunities Program. Jodie has a bachelors degree of finance from the University of Notre Dame and is a CFA charterholder.

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